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We provide a complete toolkit of a map, compass and telescope to address information asymmetry, uncertainty and chaos as you navigate the dynamic industry of life sciences. 


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We are not covering every startup in the world from solar power to food delivery. We want to be

the best in our niche i.e. early stage life sciences companies. All data has been curated using a combination of human expertise with machine intelligence.


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Time once spent, cannot be gained back. We have built this product for people who value productivity over time. Along the way, we also help you save money! One click action to access, download, bookmark or track a ton of information for both startups and venture funds.

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BioSectors We Cover


Discover startups which are using big data approaches to analyze genes and genomic information for help in drug discovery and broad human healthcare applications.

Early Stage BioTech

Discover startups which are focusing on the standard drug development process using different MOAs (mechanism-of-actions) and small molecule/biologics approach.

Medical Diagnostics

Discover startups which are developing systems and processes to identify symptoms and tie them back to correct diseases . Diagnostics are now going a step beyond and include complete solutions from screening, diagnosis and prognosis to patient stratification and treatment monitoring.


Discover startups which are focused on using nano-medicine, nano-materials and nano-bots to develop medicines and other treatment paradigms using the nanosized elements and technologies around them.

Healthcare Analytics

Discover startups which are using artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to solve big data problems in life sciences.



Discover startups which are developing tools and systems to support research and development in both la universities and labs. These tools  have significant impact on development of other technologies in the overall healthcare chain.

Digital Health

Discover startups which are developing digital therapeutics, digital apps and connected healthcare wearables capturing patient data in real time and providing corresponding support.

Medical Devices

Discover startups which are developing devices and gadgets to help patients address issues caused by malfunctioning of their natural body systems. These can also include drug delivery systems.

Rare Disease

Discover startups which are focused on diseases which technically come under orphan drug designation by FDA and affect a very small number of human population.


Discover startups which are using advanced communication techniques (e.g. augmented reality) to connect patients with  doctors and healthcare practitioners on demand. COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of such companies and they are poised to be the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I subscribe to BioHubble?

A subscription provides you easy access (at the click of a button) to the latest, clean and reliable information in early stage life sciences ecosystem without the hassle of seeing annoying advertisements or spending time to search information manually. If you are someone who values productivity over time, you should definitely subscribe to BioHubble.

Why should I pay for information freely available on the web? What's different about BioHubble?

Information about start ups especially early stage, is scattered like humans are in the galaxy. However, we have picked up this scattered data and manually curated it, spending hours so that you don't have to. Please note that Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence can only work if there is structured data and things follow a pattern. A biopreneur in Congo may not list his startup on Crunchbase or any other site. But he might be featured in some local news article or have some some other web presence. (e.g. mention in a research article in an Australian university). We find him and other fellas of his brethren from Zaire, Taiwan or Indonesia and make them available in BioHubble. We believe we are unique because we focus exclusively on life sciences and provide curated information in a format which others do not. Additionally, we will be implementing innovative ideas on our existing infrastructure to bring more value to our subscribers, in the near future.

Can you connect me to investors?

Yes, we offer this as a service and can discuss a bespoke go-to-market plan which can involve reaching out to angel investors or venture capitalists in your area of interest and approach them on your behalf.

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription directly from the portal. It is a self-serve function. You don’t need to call, chat with or email anyone.

Are there any cancellation charges or early cancel penalty?

No, there are no cancellation charges or early penalty. You have the flexibility to cancel any time directly from the portal. It is a one click feature.

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